Friday, January 12, 2007

Vehicle Trouble

It seems that when is rains it pours. Tuesday I was heading out to a meeting about an 1.5 hour drive away from home. I filled up the Sunrunner at the local gas station, and as I was pulling out I noticed the brakes were barely working. I drove carefully home, and instead took the Safari realizing that I will need to fix the brakes before going anywhere with the Sunrunner.

Today, I head out to do some visiting, and try to start our Safari. It would crank, but not start. I tried several times with no success. Then I figured that the Sunrunner was right beside it, I could jump start it from there. Well that didn't work either. I hooked the battery charger up to the Safari, and it registered a low battery on its gauge, so I guess that mean the battery we bought less than a year back is either not holding charge, or that something in the van is drawing power from it to pull it down enough to not be able to start the van.

Since the van will turn over, I am wondering if perhaps it needs a new rotor, cap and plugs. We had a similar problem about a week ago. I figured I had drained the battery enough because I had left my inverter plugged in, and the accessory outlets on the van don't turn off when you turn off the engine. However, once the battery was charged, the van started and ran. I even took it to my meeting on Tuesday with no problems with starting it. So I am starting to wonder.

Anyway, that leaves us with one vehicle, and that means I am stuck at home until Annette gets done with what she is doing.

On the positive side, I think I have found the brake problem. It looks like I have a leaking brake line on the front passenger side. I will have to do some more exploring to fine exactly where though. What it looks like is that the metal line on that side has been damaged, but that was me looking while I was trying to jump start the van while in my work clothes. Not really the best way to look.

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