Friday, January 05, 2007

Petition Update

The petition calling for Pat Robertson to apologize for his presumptuous so called prophecies is now up to over 300 signatures. Again I encourage those who read this to go over there, read the petition, and if you agree to sign it. If you have a blog post the link there, and if you know of others who would like to sign, by all means direct them there. The hope is to get at least 1000 signatures by next Wednesday. More would be better.

Some of you may wonder what difference it would make to a person who says God is telling them this stuff to have fellow believers sign something like this. Pat may ignore it, but at the very least it shows that he is not the spokesman for Christianity, and his so called prophecies that don't come true are nothing of the sort.


RogueMonk said...

Thanks for sharing this. I signed.

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