Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

This will be a new and hopefully regular installment on my blog. Basically, this is another blog-spotting and things I have found interesting this past week type of post. Partly I do it so I can keep various things I have found interesting in some location where I can find them again, and partly I do it to share those things with others. I hope those few people who read here will enjoy this new addition.

Carl Truman had some very insightful things to say about how congregations and pastors can give in to pride in our presentation or promotion of ourselves to those around us. As I read it I realize that there is a great danger in how we promote ourselves to other, and realizing that leads to the question Carl Truman asks, "How do we attract others to what we have that is good without drawing attention to ourselves rather than Christ?" An excellent question, and one that I am a pastor and the congregation I serve in need to ask more often.

Tim Challies has an excellent post concerning providence that grew out of a posting by Paul Martin on the current move in Canada to recommend genetic testing on all pregnancies so that those in their 20's can have the same choice to put their unborn child to death as those who are over 35, and Paul's following up on the dangers of genetic counseling. All of these are well worth the read.

Ian over a Rumination By The Lake has a helpful selections of links dealing with Global warming. I agree with his that human caused Global Warming is not nearly as clearly truth as the MSM would have us believe. He also challenges believers in Jesus Christ to realize that taking not taking care of the creation is a sin, and asks, "What should be do, as Christians, to provide for the environment without falling into earth-worship?"

R. Scott Clark answers a person's question on whether the call to "believe" is law or gospel.

Finally, a post from a person I count as a friend and brother in Christ who also serves in an RCA congregation. F. Scott Petersen ask and gives what he thinks the answer to "What constitutes Fruitfulness?"

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