Friday, January 12, 2007

If When it Rains it Pours, This Must be a Downpour

Ok, now we are down to no vehicles. As mentioned in an earlier post, the Safari won't start, the Sunrunner has no brakes (found the broken brake line though so I can fix it), but the Mazda Protege was still working.

Well, my wife got back from what she was doing at about 2:30. I got my stuff and headed out to visit. The first place I stopped was at a nursing home where a member of the congregation I serve lives. She is not in good health, and has been pretty much none responsive except to groan or other noises like that for months now. Usually the visit is fairly short with me talking, reading some scripture, and praying. After the visit I got out to the Mazda, turned the key, and nothing happened. Well, the various indicator lights came on, and the radio played, but the engine didn't turn over. I tried again. Still nothing. Tried one more time. Still nothing. I popped the hood, noticed the oil was low, topped it off just in case that was the cause. Tried again. Nothing. Called CAA, and waited 45 minutes. Got a tow to the place we trust to do the work on our car, and left it there. Walked home (in shoes that really were not meant for walking so my heal is all blistered and sore, and tried the van again which had the battery charging for quite a while. Still won't start.

So now we have three vehicles, none of which I can use. We have a Sunrunner that has a broken brake line, so I can't drive it without brakes. We have a van that will crank but not start, and we have a car that will not even turn over. Needless to say, this is not what I expected for the day. I will have to see about finding precisely where the brake line is broken, so I can bicycle to the parts place and get another one. Once that is fixed at least I can get around. Then I will have to see what is up with the van. I am asking around for idea, hopefully someone has one that get get it going again. And, I will wait to hear from the mechanic about the Mazda. I think I will let him fix it.

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