Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last Time On The Chan Video

I posted here because I was too tired to fiddle with posting a comment on Pyromaniacs when it told me I was with the new blogger and asked me to log in, Dan Phillips has an excellent post on what Chan's biggest mistake in his video was . . . well not really. It is a tongue in cheek approach that shows how easily we ignore things like titles. If Chan had titled the video, "A Systematic and Full Presentation of Every Dimension of Gospel Truth" then he would have been misleading his viewers, but that is not what he did. It was entitled "Just Stop and Think." As I said here if that was the purpose, to make people stop and think, then the video achieves that. The title itself shows that is the intention, to have people stop and think and for those the Spirit is working in, to start them down the road to understanding the gospel. To further support that, notice that under the video is a link entitled, "What to see more to think about?" taking a person back to the "Just Stop and Think" web-page where there is more detailed information.

With Dan, I would not want the many people out there who are not a Don Carson, a James White, or one of those other excellent apologists, to not give an answer because they are worried that what they say may not be a complete and systematic exposition of the gospel. Instead, I want them to answer as best they can, as true to scripture as they can, in whatever conversations with unbelievers that God in his providence provides.

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