Monday, January 22, 2007

Does Richard Dawkins Exist?

Browsing through some of the blogs on the League of Reformed Bloggers, I found this posted at 3:17. It is a good parable of how foolish certain smart people can be. Check it out.

In The Beginning

As I thumbed my way through the pages of "The God Delusion", a question
dropped into my head. Does Richard Dawkins really exist?

Being a scientific and rational person, I decided that I wasn't going to
just accept any old theory on this question. If Richard Dawkins exists,
then I would need to be shown the proper evidence for it. Others can
have their own superstitious beliefs, based on who-knows-what, but I
would only be convinced by empirical science. If there is a Dawkins,
why hasn't he shown himself to me?

What Happened Next

As I pondered this, a man wearing a pointy hat wandered into the room.
He erected a little box a few feet off the ground, climbed on to it,
and began speaking to me.

As he talked he began, rather dogmatically, to insist on a number of
things. Apparently, it was clear and obvious that Richard Dawkins
existed. Did I not have his own book in my hands? Did it not have
Dawkins' name on the front, and the imprints of his thoughts on every
page? If I wanted to see evidence for Dawkins, was it not to
be found throughout this little tome? Dawkins, he said, had shown
himself to me everywhere. What could be a sufficient cause for such a
book, if not a Dawkins? The alternatives were incredible. They required
far more faith than simply to accept that the pages were the work of
the said Richard.

Enter The Expert

As I pondered this idea, a man with a white coat suddenly appeared. He
smiled warmly, showed me a piece of paper with a huge number of letters
on it, and began to address me. As he did so, he drew my attention to a
number of undeniable facts. The book that I was holding, you see, was
made up of pages. And each of those pages could be shown to be composed
from a certain type of paper, made from wood pulp. Upon the paper, were
a number of very tiny dots, arranged in a kind of code. Everything
about the book could be explained, and he had explained it.

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