Thursday, January 25, 2007

Betrayed From Within

Over at Mark J's blog I found this quote from David Well:

"The post-modern world has destroyed logic, dispensed with history, discarded meaning, but deep within itself, as a Trojan horse, is its betrayer. What betrays it is the ineradicable sense of being part of a moral order that has never been pushed aside entirely successfully, of having to use language in a meaningful way in order to deny that meaning exists, of finding that in the moment in which the triumph of the emancipated self seems supreme, its own sickness becomes most serious. Fallen life is, indeed, in full flight from reality, and part of Christian responsibility in this fallen world is to illumine that flight."

David Wells. Losing Our Virtue, pg 177.

I am currently reading another book by David Wells, Above All Earthly Power. As I was reading I was struck more and more that the basic premise that many people in Canada and the US live by is rooted in inconsistency. It is rooted in a truth that says there is no truth. My thought is that people and a culture cannot continue to function with such a basic premise as their foundation. Such an internally inconsistent way of looking at the world will ultimately either fall to pieces because it does not actually help one understand the big questions of life, or it will lead to individual and societal breakdown into anarchy.

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