Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

The Iceland review reports that some research indicates that an enzyme found in Icelandic cod may be a cure for bird flu. Apparently the enzyme "penzim" will kill 99% of the H5N1 virus in five minutes. I'm not sure how this helps us unless we all bath in the stuff, and the article does not really explain how it could be delivered, although they do mention that is might work for other flu and cold viruses. I guess those mothers who said, "Take your cod liver oil, it will keep you healthy." were actually right.

I have always been against abortion, but I cannot say that I have been as effective a voice as I would like to be. If you feel the same way you will appreciated that John Piper has some resources to help you argue against abortion. Check them out, but better yet, speak out for the unborn whose lives are in constant danger in our culture of convenience. HT: Between Two Worlds.

Here is an interesting web-cam of an African watering hole.

Dr. Al Mohler shares the lessons he learned through his recent medical crisis. Good observations that I realized I should consider while I am healthy and clear headed.

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