Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Francis Chan Video

For those who follow the same sort of blogs I do, (Pyromaniacs, ... and his ministers a flame of fire, Camponthis, etc) you probably have read at least a bit about the video on the internet by Francis Chan. The discussion has went back and forth about whether this video presents the full gospel. As I considered the various discussions I found I agreed that there were certain things lacking in the video. There are places where it could be better, especially if it is meant to be a full orbed gospel presentation. However, the more I consider it, the more I wonder if that is what it is supposed to be.

Perhaps the problem here is that those who want a full gospel presentation in the video are expecting something that was never intended. If this video was intended not so much as a full gospel presentation, but as something to make people "just stop and think" then to expect the gospel in all its wonderful detail to be presented might be looking for it in the wrong place. Just a quick look over the web-site that the video in found on finds more detailed information in the various links. Maybe not as much as we might like, but certainly enough for a person to come to a fuller understanding of the gospel, and to warn against some of the false hopes people have.

I don't know the intention of the video, but having watched it several times, I do know that for many people it would make them stop and maybe think about things they have never considered before this. It may be used by the Holy Spirit to start someone down the road to repentance and faith. If that is what it was intended to do, then I think it has achieved it.

Are there things I would do differently? Certainly. But, this video is very well done, and I hope and pray it is used to make many people stop and think.

An excellent take on this is given by Phil Johnson over at Pyromaniacs. I encourage you to check it out.

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