Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Over at, John posts a helpful tip on Evangelism and small groups.

Another blog that I have started to read, and find very encouraging, interesting, and helpful, is Sharing Jesus. This blog has both helpful hints on sharing the gospel every day, and the person doing it practices what he teaches. He is out there doing it. Some may question the value of some of the things he does, but he is out there doing it. Are they? Two helpful posts of those I have read are The Gospel of John as as Tract (which has a useful link to a source for free Gospels of John) and Starbucks Coffee Shop (which reminded me that places like coffee shops can be a place to meet with unbelievers and talk to them about the gospel)

With all the talk about Global Warming, it is interesting that unlike those in the spotlight want to claim, actual scientists who are not sponsored by big oil companies are questioning the truth of human caused warming. Here is an article in the National Post. Also check out these radio interviews of men with actual credentials who point out some of the shortcomings of the IPCC. Finally, yet another article. When other types of pollution are much more harmful to people right now (think of the horrible smog found in many large cities around this world that not only contains carcinogenic compounds and causes severe asthma attacks in those susceptible to them not to mention the wastes from industry that kill wildlife) focusing on warming that probably has more to do with Solar cycles than Carbon released into the atmosphere seems to be far from the most Christian response to good stewardship.

Over at Ebenezer Reformed Church blog, there is a good post on the problem of pursuing morality as an end in itself.

All I can say is 'Yuck!'

Over are Reformation21, Rich Phillips continued his posts on Biblical Masculinity with Biblical Masculinity #4: Integrity and Biblical Masculinity #5: Self-Control. I missed both of them last time, but happily noticed them before they disappeared from my RSS reader.


Rand said...

The brother over at "Sharing Jesus" has been a real encouragment to me as well! And I have given out several "Gospel of John tracts" to people in the market of Ottawa. Nothing better than giving part of the Bible to the unconverted!

Take care,

Rand said...

Well... I guess there is one thing that is better...

Giving them the whole counsel of God!!!



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