Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

I found this rather humorous picture over at By His Grace Alone. I have to agree, only in America, or Canada if our weather was different would this sort of thing be found. Although I have to say that when I was really into lifting weights I would have appreciated it after my 'leg' days. I could barely walk up the flight of stairs where I used to work out on those days.

An interesting article in The Australian talks about a windmill that produces water out of air.  How this works in detail is not explained because of a patent not yet being received on the technology, but it sound very interesting.  If it works it could provide water for many people in arid and not so arid climates.

R. Scott Clark has a brief post on the truth that the gospel really does produce fruit.  All to often we forget this and start to move to some sort of new legalism. He also has an excellent interaction with Doug Wilson's Federal Vision views on justification entitled, oddly enough, Doug Wilson is Right.

Rick Phillips over at Reformation 21 has a series of posts on Biblical Masculinity:  Biblical Masculinity #1:  Fear of the LordBiblical Masculinity #2:  A Definition; and Biblical Masculinity #3:  Industry.  In our world with such mixed up ideas of masculinity and femininity, these posts are very welcome.

Finally over at the New Attitude Blog you can find a link to a message dealing with Conversational Apologetics.  That is, it will help you to understand how to give a response for the hope that is in you.  If you want help in how to talk with others about Christ, this may help.


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