Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Thursday Thought This Week

For some reason this week has been very busy for me. There isn't any one thing that I can place my finger on that has made it busy, but I am behind in the vital things like sermon preparation and writing. That means, no Thursday Thoughts this week.

I also ask that people pray that God will give me what I need to get the two sermons I need to write this week done. Right now my mind doesn't seem to be able to really grasp the scriptures as it should, and I find there is a great sense of something there but not accessible to me. That is also why I have not posted much else on the blog this week either.


Shawn Abigail said...

Not sure most people know what a heavy burden it is to prepare 2 fresh sermons in one week. Realistically it is about 30 hours of effort, and that is in addition to everything else you do in the Lord's service. For that matter, I'm not sure most people know how much it takes out of a person to preach twice on a Sunday. I'm usually starving after each message!

Rileysowner said...

I know I never realized how much work it is to put two sermons a week together before I started to do it. Seminary gave me some idea of it, but it was only when actually doing it that the sheer amount of time and prayer and energy needed became abundantly clear.

As for preaching, I am exhausted after a service, and by the end of the Lord's Day, I am completely done. My Monday is my recovery day :)

I mentioned that to a fellow pastor early on when I was still training for ministry and his response was to very helpful. He pointed out that when one is preaching the gospel they are not just giving a public speech, but are engaging in spiritual battle. Thus, he said, it is no wonder most pastors are tired after preaching.

Shawn Abigail said...

I usually like to spread my sermons out, taking a Sunday morning here and a Sunday night there. But then again I'm able to do so because there are a number of gifted brothers in the area.

Last Sunday I preached both morning and evening. Thankfully I had more than a week to prepare, but it did take a lot out of me.

Also, I've come to understand how difficult it is for a Bible teacher. An evangelist gets a lot of immediate feedback, because people come to faith in Christ. But for the teacher most of the feedback is through what you see over the years in a congregation. A couple of times I've received really encouraging feedback. One time I was preaching on Revelation and had an 11 year old girl and an 80 year old man tell me they enjoyed the message. Another time I preached on dispensational doctrine and had someone tell me that it wasn't really all that hard to understand. And after last Sunday night, a lady wrote my wife to say my sermon was very clear. Rather than just saying, "Thanks for the sermon", the most encouraging feedback comes from people who are showing evidence that your teaching is actually helping them!

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