Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good day

Although there were things that I wished I could have finished today, over all it was a good day.

It didn't start well. I was sound asleep when I was woken up by a barking dog, and worse yet, it was one of ours. Riley had to go outside and when he went out, Sassy had to follow. When she is outside, she feels this need to protect us, and barks at passing dogs, people, and other things she thinks should not be there. So I woke up before I should have, and was very grumpy (sorry hun, I know I was a grumpy bear this Morning). Thankfully, that is not where things ended.

We took Justin in to the hospital to have the tubes checked and see how his hearing is now that they are in. His hearing went from about 50% to completely normal. God is good :) It is amazing how fluid in the middle ear can so hinder hearing.

While we spent all that time waiting, I spent my time working. I got a lot done of my sermon preparation, and that allowed me to get the first draft of my Sunday morning sermon finished when we got back. I also got some other work done as well while we were at the hospital, so it was far from wasted time sitting in the waiting rooms.

After I was done my work, I went back to working on our Sunrunner and our Mazda Protege. The Sunrunner needs new brake lines and the Protege needs a new belt put on. I worked on the Protege for a while, and then got frustrated because things were not working. I then went to work in the Sunrunner.

I have been working at it for a while because the brake line fittings are so rusted they are difficult to get off. I got one end off earlier in the week, and got one line out completely fairly soon after, but the other end of the second line I need to replace just did not want to come loose. I tried the propane torch on it, and even that didn't work. Eventually even the flare nut wrench rounded off the fitting, so I had to go to vice grips. I tried the torch on it one more time then using the vice grips at last I got it off. So all that is left is bending the new brake lines, installing them, refilling the brake fluid and bleeding the system. Probably the hardest part of all of that is the bending of the new lines. I hope I can get it all done by next week Monday.

To top the day off, we had our prayer meeting. We have few who come out, but the time together in prayer is still very good.

So, it was a good, productive day of work even though it didn't start that well.


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