Monday, February 05, 2007


For those of you who followed my blog when it was back on Livejournal, you may remember when my video editing computer died on me when the CPU overheated. Well, at last I got around to getting another CPU on E-bay, a new power supply (because I put the old one into another computer, and a new fan and heat sync.

I received the CPU today, and after letting it warm up for a while, I installed it into the motherboard (ECS K7S5A). It looked like it is in good condition, unlike the previous CPU. I attached the heat-sync to it, and plugged in the power supply. Turned it on, and the fan on the heat-sync started to spin, but nothing else was happening. Turn it off, made sure the connections were all good, they were, turned it on again and the power supply, the new one, blew up (loud cracking noise and sparks). Turned everything off. Took a power supply out of another computer. Plugged it in, and the fan on the heat-sync spins, but again, no power up, no signal to the monitor.

So, I run into a conundrum. Either the CPU is DOA, always a possibility with used products and it has a DOA guarantee. And/or, the new power-supply fried the motherboard and the CPU was fine. And/Or, the problem was the motherboard all along. It could be any one, or any combination of the above. At this point all I can say is AAARRRRGG!

I will have to get a replacement for the power-supply. I just have to decide if I want to assume the CPU is dead, and take advantage of the DOA guarantee, or look for another motherboard (used of course since finding a new Socket A motherboard would be very unlikely.)



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