Friday, February 02, 2007

This Was Fun

Over at Doulogos, Daniel posts about one of those things going around where a person is tagged by someone else. In this case they are to take the closest book to them, turn to page 123, go to the fourth sentence and post the fourth, fifth and sixth sentence.

He didn't tag me, but I thought I would do it none the less. The closest two books to me were the phonebook and a dictionary, neither of which I though really qualified, but the next closest was The Doctrine of The Knowledge of God by John Frame.

Page 123, sentences 4-6 are:

Rationalism recognizes a need for criteria, or standards; empiricism a need for objective, publicly knowable facts; and subjectivism a need for our beliefs to meet our own internal criteria. A Christian epistemology will recognize all of those concerns but will differ from the rationalist, empiricist, and subjectivist schools of thought in important ways. Most importantly, the Christian will recognize the lordship of God in the field of knowledge.

Now that is an interesting three sentences.

If you read here, consider yourself tagged. Please post in the comment section your answer to this.


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