Thursday, September 28, 2006

Eight Reasons For Not Sharing Your Faith?

Recently I have been preaching to remind people of the great good news of the gospel that we have been given to share. I have done this first to remind them of that good news because it is easy to forget it over time and not live in it's joy as we should. The second reason is to seek to move them to actually get involved with unbelievers by realizing the power of the good news of Jesus Christ lies not in them, or even in their fine words and arguments to the truth of the gospel, but in God. I want them and myself to realize that the power of God is active in the message of the cross, so we can be freed to speak it not depending on ourselves, but on God to work through it by the Holy Spirit. In that line of thought I stumbled upon this video posted by the people at The Rebelution speaking of eight reasons the main character in this short video does not share his faith with others. Enjoy.


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