Saturday, September 02, 2006

Videos of my boy

Here are some videos taken with my digital camera of my son Justin. This first one was taken when we were camping in July. My mother was dog sitting, and we came over to visit as where she was dog sitting had a pool. The dog named Wiley is a friend of our dog Riley since they were both puppies, and he is great with kids--much better than Justin. Well, Justin realized this very quickly how fun Wiley is. Here is the result. The next video is from the same trip, but at our campsite. Justin discovered that he could sit in Sassy's food dish when it was empty. Here is the result. Finally, from our most recent trip here is a video of Justin at the Seal enclosure in the Toronto Zoo. Part of me wishes I had my good video camera with me for these scenes, but I am very happy we have these memories stored even if the quality is not what I might like. Enjoy!


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