Thursday, October 05, 2006

Brake Jobs

I am quite pleased with myself. I did the front brakes on my wife's Mazda Protege. I always thought that brakes were something really difficult to fix. But, compared to putting a computer together, it is no more difficult. In fact, it actually easier. There are only two springs, two pins, two bolts, two pads and one rotor. Now the front brakes work wonderfully, but the rear not so much. Now that the front brakes are quiet you can hear the rear drum brakes making lots of noise. I pulled them apart, and found that they are disparately in need of repair, so that is the next thing on my list. My hopes are, that although they are more complicated, they will be as quick to do as the front brakes. I have the parts on order, and they should be in tomorrow. I have the car jacked up and the drums off, so I am ready to go tomorrow.


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