Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flash Drives Are Great . . . But

Today was one of those days. I woke up, having not slept very well, with a fuzzy head. Not really a headache, but just mentally tired. I figured it would not be a particularly productive day, but I set to work none the less. I did the editing for the upcoming broadcast of our worship service, and got that rendering. Got the order of worship all laid out, hymns picked and announcements written. I even had several pages done on my sermon. Thankfully it was only the sermon and bulletin information saved on the flash drive, because about 4pm my darling son decided that he should push my laptop off the table where I had set it so I could put his sweater on so he could go for a walk with his mom. It landed on the flash drive bending it over. That in itself would not have been fatal, but in bending it over one of the small components that is surface mounted right near the plug end was pushed off the board of the flash drive. So now I have a flash drive with quite a lot of information that will not work. I did try re-attaching the part in hopes that I could get it to run long enough to get the data off of it, but I put in on backwards and while the drive was recognized, it gave an error. So, I tried to switch things around, only to break off what little bit of connection was left. I figure that pretty much does it for that drive. At least it was only a $40 flash drive, and not my $900 laptop. The information is not irreplaceable as all the stuff I also have as hard-copies except for the stuff I had been working on today. On the positive side, I got some work in with my soldering iron, and found my hand is getting better at that :)


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