Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One Sermon A Week?

I stumbled on to this post on The World From Our Window blog. In it Ken Fields gives some very good reasons for a pastor with a family to only preach one sermon a week. I don't know if I agree with him completely, but as Justin grows I find that he want to play more, and often I need to keep working to get both sermons done for Sunday. After a while this gets to be a fairly grueling schedule, and I don't get all the work into a sermon that I know I should. By that I mean I start to cut corners, simply to get the sermon finished. With that in mind I have a tendency to agree with him. Yet, I know I could do more than 4 sermons a month, but doing 8 in a typical month becomes mentally challenging. Add the special services (which thankfully my board of Elders will often cut out other services so the preaching load doesn't go up too much) such as Christmas and our practice of doing a New Year's Eve and New Year's Day service, and it can quickly make sermon prep something that disappears for the need to have the sermons done. Not to mention making it easy to neglect family time completely. I know some pastors who have on evening a month off, and others who have something like that and get off a whole Sunday when there are 5 Sunday's in a month. Something like that certainly helps to deal with things like this. At the very least this has got me thinking about what is best for those I am called to preach to, my family, and myself.


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