Friday, May 01, 2009

Excellent Observation

Merv Bud responds to some articles in the November/December 2008 Faith Today in which they spoke of doing good deeds to people around them. Instead of pointing to Jesus when asked why they did this, they responded with, "Because we think you deserve it."

I'm with Merv on this because if it is the deserving of the people that motivates this, then those good deeds are, 1) Not reflective of the gospel of grace, that God gives us what we most certainly don't deserve, and 2) It is not in any way pointing people to their need for Jesus but instead leaved them thinking they are pretty deserving of good which none of us are, and 3) If the good they do is not motivated by the desire to glorify God because of his love in Jesus Christ, then its motivation is wrong and 4) If the motivation really is the desire to glorify God for his love in Jesus, then they are sinning by saying it isn't.

I wonder with the missional push in the RCA whether those who encourage good deeds being done are at the same time emphasizing that they must be done with the words to point to Jesus as both the motivator of their actions and the solution to peoples real problems? If it isn't, then there is a big problem.


Peter said...

I agree. We spent most of our last CLassis meeting discussing what the Holy Spirit wants us to understand being "reformed and missional" to be. We slipt up in small groups, and the understandings were legion. We wrote them down and will, supposedly have them culled together into something coherent for a future meeting. I didn't know the Holy Spirit was so confused!

Rileysowner said...

I would guess at that meeting most of the things that they thought the Holy Spirit was "telling" people had nothing to do with the Scriptures where the will of God is revealed as the Spirit carried along the various writers so we have a sufficient revelation and are equipped for every good work.

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