Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 More Days

Ten more day until the day we leave for the Banner of Truth Minister's Conference. This has become a must attend conference for me since 2003. Each year I look forward to it for several reasons.

First, the preaching. The Banner consistently brings wonderful preachers in to speak at the conference. Sometimes their names are not well known. Other times they are very well known. Overall, the vast majority are well worth listening to. I find the preaching to be the primary highlight of the conference.

Second, the fellowship. At the Banner I have come to know many ministers from many denominations. Some pastor large congregations. Others pastor smaller congregations. What sets them all apart is a devotion to God and to proclaiming his Word. Unlike some conferences there is a unity I don't often experience. What is noticeably lacking is a seeming arrogance of those who have larger congregations that I have run into elsewhere, as if those of us pastoring small congregations made up primarily of elderly people are doing something wrong. Even the speakers live in the same dorms and eat in the same room as the attendees.

Third, the food. In general the food is excellent, and there is lots of it.

There are other things that I am looking forward to. The rest. The spiritual refreshing. The ice cream. Even the travel there and back.

Right now I am out of gas. I am dry and dusty, and I am counting the days until we depart.

I highly recommend this conference to men who are pastors and elders.


homo unius libri said...

I miss the Banner. But since Scott Petersen went to glory, my heart just isn't in it...maybe next year. Scott Nichols

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