Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yet Another Day Not Getting Stuff Done

Today was another one of those days, but for different reasons. I woke up early after getting to sleep rather late. That slowed me down for the whole day. On the positive side I got the evening sermon finished, a video edited for our church TV broadcast (although I still need to get it written to a DVD), the order of worship finished, and a start on the morning sermon. However, at the same time I did not get any reading in Calvin done, nor a post for yesterday's reading. The reason for that was by the time 5:30PM rolled around I had a nasty headache. I figured it was because I was very hungry, and while having supper helped, it did not get rid of it. A couple of hours later it was back, so I took some pain killers. That seems to have moved it to a dull pressure that does not actually hurt, so I should be able to sleep well. Hopefully, Justin, who I am responsible to watch tomorrow, will let me get some work done before we take him to his grandmother's for the weekend.


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