Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Day

Today has been one of those days that seems really busy. I had a ministerial meeting in the morning, and almost slept in. I had set my alarm, but had forgotten to turn it on. That is understandable when you realize in the past week, Justin has gotten me up earlier than my alarm pretty much every morning.

With the late start, I did not get through my regular morning routine. The ministerial was excellent although our numbers were down. We discussed the book by Tim Keller, The Reason for God. Overall we liked it, although the consensus among our group was that the weaknesses in the book were in his dealing with the objection that Science has disproved religion and the section on what is sin. Not that the whole of those chapters were a problem, but rather that sections of them were. Keller seems to have given up too much, in our minds, in his understanding of the first and second chapters of Genesis seeming to lean toward theistic evolution although he did not say that he hold to that particular view. In the section on sin, it seemed that while a good portion of the chapter was excellent, the earlier part almost seems to mix up what sin is and the consequences of sin.

Having said that, we were agreed that the good of the book outweighs the weaknesses. God has been gracious to the church in providing men like Keller.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for this evenings Bible study, catching up on some e-mails and spending some time with my wife and son. Apparently he missed me while I was away today since it meant not having daddy home for lunch.

I have the prep work for the Bible study finished, and was going to turn to read the section of Calvin's institutes for today, but realized I needed to rest my mind a bit in preparation, and spend some time in prayer.

I don't know if I will get my Calvin post done today, and won't until the Bible study is done. Depending on how alert I am by that point, I may do it, or I may wait until tomorrow.


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