Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Execellent Interaction with "The Shack"

I tried to read "The Shack." I figured as a pastor who may have people in my congregation read the book, I should read it as well. I had read quite a few reviews of it, and expected a tear jerking, theologically weak book, but I got my name on the list at the library to sign it out. When I got it I tried, I really tried, to read it. But within a chapter or so, I found I not only very much disliked the style of writing and the basic character and plot development, but the theology that was already coming out was making me very irritated. Just so you know I can read books with bad theology, and have done so before, but for some reason "The Shack" was not one I could plow through.

All this is to introduce an excellent interaction with "The Shack" found over at Green Baggins. I think it gets right to the heart of the issues involved, and shows where "The Shack" fails miserably to deal with the very topic it so desires to deal with, the problem of evil. Check it out here.


Annette said...

hun...where's the link? am I blind?

Rileysowner said...

The 'here' of 'Check it out here.'

Rileysowner said...

Oh, and you were not blind. You just missed it.

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