Friday, May 04, 2007

Tom Short

I don't know Tom Short, but while I was over at the Campus Preacher blog I saw a link to this video. Lately, I have been encountering more and more people who are preaching not only in the confines of a church building, but out on the street, or in this case, the campuses of this world. I have been wondering how to go about this. I have problems with the general, stereotypical street preacher that is portrayed in television, especially those news clips that I sometimes shown. You know the type who are screaming at the top of their lungs that people are going to hell. My problem is that while it is true that those outside of Christ are going to hell, that presentation is not turning people off with the gospel message, but with how it is presented. What I like about this video is that Tom Short is not one of those stereotypes. I would very much like to see a video that shows something like this from coming to the location, to actually starting to preach, and all the rest.

Check it out.

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