Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Car Repairs

one of the down sides of cars and truchs is that they need constant maintainence. Lately that has been especially true for us. Our van needed a new rear door handle. Thankfully I found one on E-bay for a great price. That, however is not where things end. The front doors of the van need new pins as the current ones are wornout. The car is not running right either. I just did the plugs, cap and rotor on her, but she is running very rough so I need to fix that, not to mention that the alternator is showing signs of seizing up as well.

Lastly, the sunrunner which runs fine is still in the process of having the brakelines replaced. I got stuck at a point and have not been able to get any further. While it is great to find I can do my own work on them, it would be nice to get back to regular maintenance again.


Rogue said...


Blessings, RogueMonk

chelle said...

yup..i maintainance, car repairs and car replacements are just common situations car owners faced..this week, i am planning for accel spark plug wire replacement..i just can't wait since my auto is kept on the garage now..

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