Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling better, but not completely

Last night was my first good night of sleep since getting sick on Friday. I slept the entire night, didn't have to kick the sheets off the bed because I was too hot, or put an extra comforter on later because I was too cold. I woke up in the same spot that I fell asleep, and I feel much better than yesterday. I am not 100%, but when I went down for breakfast, the idea of bacon and eggs actually sounded, looked and smelled good to me. Up to this morning any meat at all would turn my stomach, and all I could really eat without upsetting my stomach was toast and chicken broth. This morning I could enjoy a real breakfast, so I figure the worst is past. Good thing because it looks to be a busy week. We have a combined service of prayer for crops and industry with the local CRC congregation on Wednesday where I will be preaching. I have a video of our church worship service to edit for broadcast, and I have my regular pastoral tasks as well. I'm glad this didn't last as long as it did with my wife, but it would have been much preferable to not have it at all :)


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