Monday, August 04, 2008

Getting Closer

Today was a good day off. Now Monday's are normally my day off, so although it is a holiday here in Canada, it really does not seem like a long weekend to me.

I wanted to get the van finished, so I ran off to Canadian Tire to get the correct gasket maker (Napa didn't give me the right stuff.) I made sure the differential cover and the differential housing were both clean of the old gasket and any oil that may have gotten on them while I was working. I put the bead of gasket maker on the cover and attached it to the housing following the instructions on the tube. That required an hour wait until tightening the bolts all the way, so I took the time to start to take off the old shocks. Got one bolt loose, and then the hour was up so I tightened the bolts, showered, and we headed to London to get some bunnies, and have a picnic with my Mother.

The picnic did not turn out well . . . it started to rain, so we stopped at Wendy's. Then after picking up a bunny we headed to Mom's place, dropped off Justin, and went to Wal-mart to allow Justin some time with his grandma. After picking up a few things we headed back, picked up Justin and headed home.

Then I really went to work. I removed the old right hand shock. That was the more difficult one. I put the new shock on, but was not sure which way to face the air fill fitting, so I decided to leave it loose until I could ask some people. I moved on to the left shock. It was not too bad to remove, and again I left the new shock loose until I am sure which way to face the air fitting.

Not a bad day overall, and with maybe an hour or so of work on the van tomorrow, I should have it back running.


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