Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Canada Day -- Fireworks

Last night we took Justin to his first fireworks display. We have not been able to go with him before because the display does not start until 10PM, and he would be in bed. Today we got him to nap so we could attend. We arrived a little after 9PM, and found a spot to sit. While we waited Justin and Annette went for a walk to see what they could see. I, having done a fair amount of work today, took the opportunity to sit, and relax. When they returned, Justin noticed some other children playing with a ball beside where we had set up, and he went off to play with them. He enjoyed it, although he still needs to learn a bit more about how to play with others.

At 10PM the fireworks started. We were unsure what Justin would think of them since he had never experienced them before. Happily, he loved them. He watched wide-eyed, and got quite excited about the whole thing. I think for him the display ran a little long--for me too to be honest. However, he enjoyed it.


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