Monday, January 21, 2008

Purchased Plans For DIY Trailer

One of the things I like to do it work with my hands. If you have read this blog for a while you know that means I do most of the repair work on our vehicles, and help building and repairing things around the house. I think some of the appeal for me is that working in ministry the results of ones work are largely intangible. Yes, I produce two sermons (sometimes more) a week, that is a measure of work. Changes in people, however, which is what those sermons seek to bring as they bring forth the word of God, is something that is not really measurable, nor is it a task where you can ever say you have finished. When you fix the brakes on the car, once they are back together and working properly, you can take satisfaction in a job well done.

With all that in mind, this past Friday I purchased some plans to build my own trailer off of e-bay. This person had both plans for small tear-drop trailers and for larger ones that I would not really call tear-drop trailers, but are probably based on them. I purchased the plans for the larger one, although I may purchase them for the smaller one later. Once they arrive, my hope is to make that my relaxation project. If all goes well, in several months I will have a new trailer that can also serve as Justin's play-house in the back yard.

If the e-bay ad can be trusted it will weigh in well under 1000 pounds, so my wife could even pull it with here Mazda and I could pull it with my Sunrunner. The advantage of that is cheaper gas costs while traveling. I will see how it turns out.

I don't know what I will do with it when it is finished. Definitely camp a few times, but I still prefer my tent trailer for camping because I like the canvas. Who knows, maybe I will sell it and build another.


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