Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Found This Interesting

I had not thought about this before, but was referred to this link by an acquaintance of mine. It does a good job of explaining the monetary system that the world currently functions under, and for that it is quite useful. I realize it takes a particular view on this system and proposes some alternatives, but I also question some of the conclusions and alternatives proposed. Having said that, overall I see the danger of this sort of monetary system and understand how it takes the power out of the hands of the elected government and puts it into the hands of bankers. Is this some great conspiracy? It could be, but I sort of doubt it. More likely it is something that has allowed people to live the way they would like to live, and thus while not understood it is accepted. Take the time to watch it (47 minutes) so you can understand how our monetary system actually works and where money comes from.


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