Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Pickle

Sunday night as I came home from worship, I saw a person shooing off something in front of our house. I had no idea what it was, and at first I thought they were calling a dog. The walked on and had no dog, so I started to look. I saw a dark shadowy shape by our front kidney shaped garden. Then the shadow moved and came toward me. It was a cat. A rather pretty brown tabby, and very friendly. I went inside and told Annette and she went out to see him. Picked him up and he purred like crazy.

We left him outside as he was declawed and fixed, so we figured he would have a home to go to. Well, he seems to have adopted us. He lives in one of the rabbit tents, and comes and greets us every time we go out. Annette has even started feeding him. Justin likes him a lot, and has named him Pickle. He even brought him in the house for a while. Sparks and Milo are not as enamored by this interloper though. We are going to put of posters to find his people, but Justin will not be happy if we do.


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