Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have been working on tiding up the video/digital audio recording area in the church I serve. To achieve that I needed to put a table up there, and with a little searching I found one in a storage room in the basement of the church building. However, after dragging it upstairs, by myself (I did it alone by choice, I work better at things like this alone). I started to unfold the legs only to discover why it had been in the storage room in the basement rather that out in the fellowship hall being used. The one leg was broken. No problem I though, it is metal and I have a welder I can just weld it. So I took it off the table, brought it home, and got out the small MIG welder. After getting everything set up and cleaning the area that needed to be welded, I geared up to start welding, and . . . the wire wouldn't feed. I checked the tip (sometime it can get welded to it) but it was free. Checked a few other places, and could not figure it out. Tried re-feeding the wire, it jammed, and jammed and jammed until it actually came out near the welder ripping the sleeve. Frustrated I went inside. After a rest I got the welder and tried again inside with my darling wife's help. The wire fed through. I took it back to the garage to weld. It jammed. Then I saw the problem, the tube it should go through had somehow come loose. After a little fiddling I got it jury rigged to work and got the welding done. Thank-you God. Now I still need to get the legs back on the table, and get things organized. I also need to take the welder back to Princess Auto and see if they will stand behind their product. Now to see if I can find the receipt.


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