Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Had More Snow

The forecast for the last two days, and to a lesser extent for today was snowsqualls off the lake. For some places near us they were calling for 50 centimeters (that is almost 2 feet) by today. Not only did they get that already yesterday, but they have gotten more today.

We got our share as well. I don't know the exact amount, but there was about a foot and a half in the driveway this morning to clear out. Thankfully we have a snowblower.

Here are some pics.

First one of our backyard:

Now look at this wonderfully happy dog:

Now a pic of the front through the window:

And finally a pic of the vehicles in the driveway:


Annette said...

ALL Sassy wanted to do was get in out of the snow. She followed me EVERYWHERE. and movement to the house...and DASH!!

The bunnies were covered but happy and all this snow gives them added warmth. Life is good...but snowy!

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