Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And They Call This Global Warming!

Today is the 28th of October. Throughout the day we have had snow mixed with rain. Now I look at the Environment Canada weather website and this is what I see:

Weather warnings in several counties including ours.

And it isn't just any warning, when you click on the counties with warnings, this is what you get:

Goderich - Bluewater - Southern Huron County
3:22 PM EDT Tuesday 28 October 2008
Snowsquall warning for
Goderich - Bluewater - Southern Huron County issued

Significant snow squall event setting up for tonight and Wednesday.

This is a warning that snowsqualls are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

Although Halloween is still three days away..Some frightening weather is beginning to appear already.

An east coast storm is intensifying as its centre heads from western Massachusetts to just east of Montréal this evening. Periods of rain will change to snow heavy at times this evening over eastern Ontario. Snowfall amounts of 10 to 15 centimetres are expected in this district before it eases off somewhat later tonight then tapers to a few flurries on Wednesday.

Strong northwest winds of 50 gusting up to 70 km/h tonight in combination with the snow will create hazardous driving conditions due to snow and blowing snow with low visibilities especially when the mercury edges just below the freezing mark. Also any residual leaves left on trees may create additional concerns of snow-laden limbs affecting power lines.

Farther west..Strong cold northwest winds blowing over the relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes will set up significant snow squalls. Scattered wet flurries or showers are currently falling to the Lee of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron this afternoon but will intensify this evening and gradually change to snow away from the shorelines. Showers will linger near the shorelines.

Two main bands will set up. One will stretch from near Grand Bend to London and St Thomas. The other will come ashore from Georgian Bay near Wasaga Beach and affect communities southeast to Newmarket.

Snowfall amounts in the squalls will locally reach 15 centimetres tonight with additional similar accumulations possible on Wednesday. Amounts may be somewhat less in the Newmarket area..Closer to 10 cm tonight and 5 on Wednesday.

Strong northwest winds of 30 gusting 50 km/h will cause local whiteout conditions in squalls. As a result driving conditions will become quite hazardous due to very low visibilities and icy roads.
Then a glance at the local radar:

Yup! This is global warming alright. Man made too. Good thing I like snow.


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