Sunday, April 06, 2008

Luther on Charity and Unity in the Context of False Doctrine

As I was doing some preparations for next weeks morning sermon, I was reading through Luther's commentary on Galatians which I just recently added to one of my Bible Study programs. As I read the quote below, I started to wonder if Luther lived today and was facing the same doctrinal controversies that I am others face in the denomination I serve within. Even though he did not, his comments strike true even today.

Let others praise charity and concord to the skies; we magnify the authority of the Word and faith. Charity may be neglected at times without peril, but not the Word and faith. Charity suffers all things, it gives in. Faith suffers nothing; it never yields. Charity is often deceived but is never put out because it has nothing to lose; it continues to do well even to the ungrateful. When it comes to faith and salvation in the midst of lies and errors that parade as truth and deceive many, charity has no voice or vote. Let us not be influenced by the popular cry for charity and unity. If we do not love God and His Word what difference does it make if we love anything at all?

Paul, therefore, admonishes both teachers and hearers not to esteem lightly the doctrine of faith as if it were a toy with which to amuse oneself in idle hours.

—Luther's Commentary on Galatians


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