Saturday, March 08, 2008

It Was One Of Those Weeks

This week was marked for me by this . . . I was ill for most of it. I was achy and my stomach was upset through most of the day every day so that I kept feeling like throwing up. On top of it all my mind didn't seem to want to work. Apparently my Mother has the same thing. Thankfully, we are both getting better, and I am at least sort of ready to tomorrow. Today I felt well until early afternoon, and even then I felt better than I did yesterday. I am hoping a good nights rest will be had tonight, and that tomorrow God will give me what I need to lead his people in worship and point them to him in Jesus Christ.


Shawn Abigail said...

Our services were canceled on Sunday due to the 55 cm of snow we received. I was supposed to preach in the evening, then I was asked to preach in the morning because the speaker from out of town might not make it, and then the services were canceled altogether. Which of course means I have a sermon in the cupboard for when it's needed. 8-)

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