Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cambridge Reformed Bible Conference

Last night and today I was at the Tenth Annual Cambridge Reformed Bible Conference. This, sadly, little known conference has been going on for ten years now. It is a work put together by the collaboration of several reformed congregations in and around Cambridge Ontario. I attended two years back when they had O. Palmer Robertson speaking on Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, and this year with Rev. William Shishko. As far as I know this conference happens every year on the last Friday and Saturday of April. This year they once again used the facilities of Calvary Pentecostal church on Hwy #24 in Cambridge.

I what unfamiliar with Rev. Shishco never having heard him before, but I was interested in the topics. Friday night he was scheduled to speak on Dangerous Ways of Trying to be Holy and today he was scheduled to speak on Sanctified as God's Children and Sanctified as Christ's Bride.

I arrived Friday night, and their was a decent crowd out including many young people. Rev. Shishko was ok, but I found him difficult to follow. This was probably due to two things. First, I was tired after a day of work, and second, apparently he arrived a little late and I would guess that hindered his preparation time.

I spent the night sleeping in the back of my van which perfectly fits a double bed mattress, so don't make the mistake of thinking it is an uncomfortable place to sleep. I actually slept through my alarm clock, but that wasn't a big problem as the conference did not start until 10AM.

The morning session was excellent. Very informative. Very convicting. Rev. Shishko proclaimed the word of God clearly.

For lunch I headed out to Applebees and had an excellent meal as I continued to think through some of what was taught that morning.

The afternoon session started at 2PM, and Rev. Shishko once again was very good as he passionately pointed out that for a Christian to grow in holiness, they need to be an active, committed, fellowshipping part of a congregation. As he said, "It takes a church to grow in sanctification."

Overall this is an excellent, all be it, not very well known conference. If you live in the Cambridge Ontario area, keep it in mind for next year. I will post a notice about it on my blog, if I remember, to remind everyone who might be interested.

Thank-you to the congregations that are part of planning this, Cambridge Orthodox Christian Reformed Church, Riverside Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Cambridge, Grace Covenant Church (OPC) in Sheffield, and Zion United Reformed Church in Sheffield.


Annette said...

He came back looking happy, his eyes rested.... :) Must have enjoyed the conference. Glad I urged him to go. :)

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