Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Over at Grey in Black and White, Shawn links to this article in the Ottawa Citizen that points out that Christianity builds democracy. Sadly, most people in North America seem to have forgotten this completely, and started to see Christianity as a threat to democracy.

Al Mohler has been putting up some wonderful posts this past week. I have linked over in an other post, but thought this one was worth adding to Thursday Thoughts. It deals with the growing tendency to put aside church activities for "Family" time. It also speaks a little of something that I believe is very important, that is, that the church should avoid "segregating families once they arrive." I believe the church is meant to break down the divisions between believers, not re-enforce what the world does.

That is all for this week.


Shawn Abigail said...

I've seen people be very dogmatic about the need to segregate families. We were once told by someone that she didn't appreciate us bringing our young child into the church meeting. If our child made any noise, we were always quick to take her out, but no, this person felt free to tell us to take our child to the nursery ahead of time. The church elders said they didn't see a problem with us keeping our child in the meeting, but this comment made us feel uncomfortable for years.

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