Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It Has Been a While

I have not posted for a while, but things have been busy and difficult. The biggest thing that has been part of this time and the most draining, was that my wife had a miscarriage. We were very much looking forward to having our first child, but two months or so into the pregnancy, something felt wrong to her. We went in to have an ultrasound done, and found out that the baby was dead. That night she had the miscarriage, and for the next several weeks she was quite ill. Even now after a few months have passed, she is just getting back to feeling more normal. Through all of this I continued to work, and now I find that I feel very drained. I don't think up to this point that I have had time to grieve since I have been so busy with work and concern for Annette. Thankfully, things are starting to slow down a little, and I am starting to get some time to contemplate things more. The other part of what has kept me busy was work. Not only have things been busy at the church I work in, but I have also been placed on a committee for the denomination I am part of and have been placed as the supervising minister for a congregation in our denomination that is currently without a minister. These two new tasks added to the regular work of my congregation and the miscarriage have keep me going and going. Hopefully I will catch up a little through the summer months and gain some energy. That about updates what has been happening to me over the last several month, at least in broad strokes.


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