Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am Still Here

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Part of that is because I was on vacation (no Internet connection in Algonquin Provincial Park). The other part is that I have been ill with some nasty intestinal ailment that has hit everyone in our family. It started with Justin halfway through my vacation. I returned from Algonquin to a very sick boy and a rather frazzled wife. He seemed to get better by that Monday, so we proceeded with our plans for the second week of my vacation leaving Justin with his grandma and going to Toronto to visit friends and go to the Royal Winter fair. By that Monday evening, Annette was throwing up, with all the symptoms of what Justin had. By Tuesday morning, I had joined her, and we had found out that Justin was still sick (so this was not some one day thing). We decided to head home, and spent that week and the next (last week) feeling ill and weak and completely exhausted. The worst part of it, was that you would start to feel fine, start doing normal things (like work since last week I was officially back from vacation) and then with no warning you would feel horrible again. I am pretty sure I am over it now, but I also feel very behind in my work stuff. Last week was far from productive, and December, with all its busyness is coming. So far this week I have not had one of those relapses, although I don't have all my energy back either. It is because of all that that I have not been posting in the last while. Now that I am feeling more like myself, I hope to get back to things, but I need to catch up on work first.


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