Thursday, January 26, 2006

Banner of Truth Pastors Conference

One of the things I wish I had discovered early on in my time as a pastor is the Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference. I started attending three years ago, and it has done more to strengthen me as a minister of the Word than anything else I have done. The first year I attended, when I returned one of my Elders said I should go to this sort of conference more often. Then realizing what he said, he clarified that he finds my preaching good, but it was even better after I returned from the conference. I encourage all pastors and elders who can go to attend. You will leave with a greater sense of how awesome our God is, and will be encouraged to preach the word in season and out of season. The scheduled speakers this year are Sinclair Ferguson, Joel Beeke, Philip Ryken, Ian Hamilton, Mark Johnston, and Matt Kingswood. If you want more information have a look at The Banner of Truth. At this point they have not posted the topics or registration information, but that should be posted soon.


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